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'NAMI, the perfect match in heavy steel fabrication!'

'NAMI, guarantees a high degree of flexibility and timely deliveries'

'NAMI, Short communication lines'


NAMI is specializing in manufacturing structures for the offshore Wind, Oil and Gas Industry.

During the past decades NAMI fabricated a wide range of structures which consist among others of:

– Overhaul of existing topsides
– Topsides
– Jackets
– Living Quarters
– Bridges
– Cranes
– Special structures

The projects undertaken are executed with the greatest possible precision and workmanship to the complete satisfaction of our clients. NAMI operates well equipped facilities to perform the various projects.


It is NAMI’s policy to excel in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Quality Assurance during all stages of production and final delivery of the projects undertaken. At the starts of projects NAMI develops procedures to cover all quality and safety aspects. Due to it’s organization and short communication lines NAMI guarantees a high degree of flexibility and timely deliveries.

NAMI Constructions B.V. operates and maintains Quality and Safety Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9000 Series and VCA*, furthermore NAMI is certified in accordance with DIN 18800-7 Class E and EN 1090 EXC4.The fabrication yard is located in Ridderkerk near the banks of the river “ Nieuwe Maas “ and has an almost unrestricted access to the North Sea and there are excellent rail road and airport facilities in the vicinity.


We would like to be of service to you. So if you think that our services could assist you in your enterprises, do not hesitate to contact us. After all, that may be the start of a mutually profitable relationship.

Ringdijk 486, 2983 GS Ridderkerk P.O. Box 65, 2980 AB Ridderkerk The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)180-416060


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